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Mspa Foam Mat

Product Description

 Designed to help maintain heat within your Inflatable Hot Tub, the MSpa Heat Preservation Mat consists of 9 interlockings, waterproof PE pieces that join to make one large mat. The MSpa Heat Preservation Mat is great for saving you money, acting as a thermal barrier, when running your Inflatable Hot Tub as your Spa will lose less heat over time!

☑ Waterproof
 Connect each piece to make a square heat preservation mat
 9 pieces per mat
 Protects the spa and surface underneath
 Hold spa firmly to prevent movement
 Compatible with all MSPA models
 Polybag with color sheet

 Overall Dimensions: 46in x 69in x 0.19in
☑ Individual Dimensions: 23in x 23in x 0.19in

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